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All of our content is written by the editors of TIME and TIME For Kids specifically for middle school students. With journalists and former educators leading our editorial team, TIME Edge brings reliable and relevant nonfiction text and primary sources into the classroom.

Nellie Gonzalez Cutler

Nellie, an experienced journalist, began her career at TIME. She helped launch TIME For Kids in 1995 and became Managing Editor in 2009. Today, she oversees editorial development for both TFK and TIME Edge.

Suzanne Zimbler
Executive Editor

Suzanne is a former New York City public school teacher and holds an MS in teaching from Bank Street College of Education. Before launching TIME Edge, Suzanne was an editor at TFK for eight years.

Brian McGrath
Associate Education Editor

Brian has 20 years of classroom experience and formerly taught ELA to middle school students and literature and writing to college students. Brian holds a PhD in literature from Rutgers University.

Heather Price-Wright

Heather has written extensively for educators, and her work spans publications for Arizona K12 Center, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, and Center for Teaching Quality.

Nataki Hewling
Associate Photo Editor

Nataki has contributed her photography and editing skills to many educational brands, including Cengage Learning, Pearson Education, Scholastic Inc., and McGraw Hill.

Mike DeCapite
Copy Editor

Mike has been a copy editor with TIME For Kids since 2006. He is also a writer whose published work includes a novel, chapbooks, and a short-prose collection.

“TIME Edge allows me to connect what my students are learning in social studies to current events in an engaging way, while promoting literacy and 21st-century learning skills.”

Christine Sciascia, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

TIME Edge launched in the spring of 2015 to bring relevant current events and primary sources to middle school classrooms. All of our content is written by the editors of TIME and TIME For Kids and geared specifically for middle school students. Our teacher resources are designed to support the mastery of the Common Core State Standards for English language arts as well as state and national standards for social studies and science classrooms. Teachers and students can access robust content online anytime from any device. From engaging nonfiction text and a 90-year archive of primary sources to formative assessments and close-reading assignments, TIME Edge has everything your classroom needs all in one place.

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